Pagiti potrait

Pagiti drinking his wine, looking a bit depressed.

Pagiti is the antagonist of About A Suetoran. He is a Matoran presumably living in The Comic Land.


Despite being the antagonist, Pagiti is rarely seen actually doing anything evil (or being, for that matter), other than trying to perform an illegal takeover of Suetoran's comic studio. The exact reason why he is presumably evil is unknown, but it seems to involve getting fired by Suetoran for no good reason. Pagiti is also a alcoholic, often abandoning his evil plans to have several drinks instead. He lives with his brother, Pogotti.

May or may not be a Battlestar Galactica fan.

Background history

Pagiti is created by The Question around the same time as Krome. Back then, he was a really generic villain who can control Bohrok swarms.

External Boy in a green tunic

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