Pak Man


Species : Toa
Comics : Psycho Dogs and Carbonated Beverages
Kanohi : Black Pakari
Colors : White, black
Element : Sound
Occupation : Comic Maker
Tools : None
Location : Unknown
Status : Active
Pronunciation : Pack-Man

Pak Man or simply Pak is a BZPower sprite comic maker that helped start the comic series Psycho Dogs and Carbonated Beverages.

BZPower History

Pac Man first joined BZPower as Pohatufan133, and later Pohatufan1333 after his account was hacked. He started making comics called The Adventures of Weku. During this time, he changed his name to "~The Pakari Collector~" and was approached by The Editorialist to make a new comic series together. This eventually led to the creation of Psycho Dogs and Carbonated Beverages.

Pak worked on PDaCB for several years, until he lost internet in the series, trying to upload what he could until the topic finally died. He left BZP, during which time his account was deleted. He later returned to BZP, though he had no internet of his own, with the name "Pak Toa of Sound." He had plans to bring back PDaCB, but they have so far not come to be.

Character History

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  • In PDaCB, there was a running gag of Pak losing his head in various ways, or caused great pain in general. This was almost always caused by Tapaio.
  • Pak created Guppa, the puppy like "Granta dog" who would often eat people, leaving his stomach extremely distended.

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