A permanent guest star is a guest star that has been accepted into a sprite comic's main cast. Often abbreviated PGS, these characters are considerably less common that standard guest stars. The term "PGS" is often used as both a noun and verb.


Depending on the author and the type of series, a permanent guest star could be accepted for a number of reasons. In years past, permanent guest stars were fans of a series that were gradually integrated into the series over time. Permanent guest stars may be chosen on a whim by the author, or requested by the guest star himself.

A more recent phenomenon is comic authors requesting that other BZPower members become PGSes, either by placing an application in the first post or by sending messages to those they would like to include in the case. For example, Dokuma often receives requests via private message from members asking him to PGS.


Several problems surround the concept of the PGS. Members that have become PGSs, especially through consistent prodding of the author(s), typically stop patronizing the comic series after they have received their wish. For this reason, authors often take precautions to either require patronage of a series or simply refuse to accept PGSs entirely.

PGS characters often serve as easy comedic foils for authors, especially if they are not find of the member they represent.

Alternate presentations

In series such as The Mercenus Chronicles, Project Llol, and The Past, PGSs are never explicitly referred to as such. In more realistic studio comics such as Livin' the Sprite Life and Live, Learn, and Lawsuits, the PGSs are referred to as "workers" in the imaginary studio.

In both Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0 and Land of Vahki, two PGSs (Tren Krom and Gavla, renamed Gavlin) serve as the main villains.

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