Pete Plushie


Species : Plushie
Comics : The Newsroom
Kanohi : None
Colors : Blue
Element : None
Occupation : Childrens' entertainer
Tools : None
Location : Channel Billion Studios
Status : Dead, haunting Karkava
Pronunciation :

Pete Plushie is a minor character in The Newsroom who, despite being dead, has a habit of reappearing. For a time, he was the closest thing the series had to a villain.

In The NewsroomEdit

Pete Plushie worked as a children's entertainer, much in the vein of Barney. He was the star and creator of a somewhat mindless TV program for very young children, appropriately named The Pete Plushie Show. Eventually, his work began to irk Turaga Dlakii, who ordered Beliwa to kill him. Pete's brother, Phil Plushie, later tried but failed to avenge him.

Much later on, when Dlakii decided to relaunch The Pete Plushie Show, he hired Karkava to dress in a Pete Plushie costume. Pete's ghost appeared, flaming Karkava for sheer inaccuracies.


Pete Plushie appears to be immensely temperamental, exploding into rages at even the slightest things; this is vaguely ironic given the sort of things he would have had to do for his program.

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