Species : Matoran
Comics : Generic Quest
Kanohi : Unknown
Colors : White, gray, orange
Element : None
Occupation : Pilot
Tools : None
Location : Earth
Status : Deceased
Pronunciation : N/A

Peterson, also known mistakenly as Patterson, was a pilot for The B Team.

When the team's long-time rival reared its ugly head in Los Angeles, Peterson led the assault on their L.A. base as ordered by General Haas, piloting a stealth aircraft.


Peterson is killed in the explosion.

When Haas freed four innocent civilian prisoners taken by the rival entity, Peterson piloted a helicopter to escort them away from the city. When the United States Air Force shot down the helicopter for flying through a no-fly zone, Peterson was killed.


Peterson was incorrectly referenced as "Patterson" in Dokuma's 10th comic by General Haas.

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