Species : Matoran
Comics : TCTMOMNBMBIP: Remade
Kanohi : Komau
Colors : Metru Brown/Orange/Red
Element : Ice
Occupation : Comic Maker
Tools : Sword
Location : Comic Land (or Zola Nui)
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : FILL-burt

Philbert, currently known as Lime Paradox on BZP and Mustachio Furioso on several other forums, is a comic maker on BZPower. He began making sprite comics on July 21, 2008, and has since made over 110 comics for various series. He is a founding member of the International ComicContinuity.


Philbert is best-known for the various incarnations of his studio comic series, TCTMOMNBMBIP, although he has also been responsible for several other short-lived solo series, such as The Time Before Time, Tales of Toa Xerahv, The Nuva Show, and Tahu784's Comics 1.0. He has participated in numerous MASes, including Scurvy, Mask of Existence, Super Splendid Mart, Bionicle: Retold, The Fourth Wall, Copyright Expired, The Misadventures of Co-Authors, Civil War, The Oddessy, and Noob War.

Philbert is currently taking a break from comic-making, with the exception of his co-author comics for Zakitano's BIONICLES ADVENTURS COMIXS. However, he has been planning to make a new series for some time now, with the working title of "Pixelated Mediocrity".

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