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Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0- The Game is an upcoming RPG/Platformer game based on Philipnova798's Comic Factory The Movie- Attack of Dr. Madness. The story is by Philipnova798 and the game will be coded and scored by Skorpyo under his game-making pen-name, DarkWolf Games with additional music by Nuparurocks.



Phil has enlisted Skorpyo to code the game, and Skorpyo is also creating the music. Phil has, as of yet, not yet hired someone to help him make cutscenes, but some may also be taken from the movie itself, but is hoping someone can help make later clips.


This game is being developed with the movie's plot in mind (With a few changes to make it more appropriate to the game). Some things will include alternate cut scenes if you play as different characters, boss battles with General Grevious, Sir Pickles, Inverto, Dark Fatman, Bizzaro Philipnova798 and Dr. Madness himself, a character customizer and voices for the cast. As of right now, the levels, cut scenes and character sprites are in pre-production.


Aside from what is featured above, you can play as the villains (With the good guys as bosses), customize your own level and play bonus games included. The Bonus games include:

a RTS game with the BZGuards and Noob Army (you can play as both teams) a small memory game (Match up the pairs) and a sample Stage of The Comic Land Smackdown, Skorpyo's next project after Madness.

There will also be movie production pictures too.

Skorpyo, Phil's game producer and composer, is contemplating releasing the game in parts-- as in each time a new movie episode comes out, a new level of the game dealing with the newly-released episode. This would effectively prevent anyone who quickly beats the game to spoil the ending in the Topic, as Skorpyo would code the level concurrently with the episode.


The cast will be mostly from the movie with a couple of differences in casting.

Playable characters

The Playable characters are planed to be:

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