A basic example of a photo comic (no added effects) by Vezon The Piraka, using his old Hapori Dume MOC.

A photo comic is a comic genre which instead of being made with sprite graphics or the standard hand-drawn method use photographs of BIONICLE sets or creations put together with text added (and sometimes extra effects) in an image editing tool such as GIMP, Adobe Photoshop or even Microsoft Paint. They work best with word balloons.

Notable photo comics include Happy Snaps by Turaga Dlakii, BIONICLE Zeroes by Matoran Jeff and That's Messed Up: The Series by Gerlicky.

Although it's a more refreshing approach from sprite comics, photo comics remain somewhat unpopular and sometimes poor, due to the common factor of low picture quality. Photo comics also take more time to create than sprite comics, hence why most comic makers stick with sprites. Nevertheless, it is a generally appreciated genre.

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