Plasma Man


Species : Living Plasma
Comics : I MADE THIS
Kanohi : Kanohi Diro, Mask of direction
Colors : Red, Pink
Element : Plasma
Occupation : N/A
Tools : Plasmablasts
Location : Hapori-Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : PLA-sma-mann
— Plasma Man's comment on Bill's undead status

Plasma Man was an experiment by some crazy men (featured in I MADE THIS). They infused Bradon's spirit into some plasma and carved it into a Matoran. He is warped because he is a reject of society. He has an unusual obsession of setting traps, much to Bill's dismay.

Character Overview Edit

Plasma Man was a prototype for an all-around worker, and as such worked in the Great Mine with Tapika. He left after the Collapse of '89. He set up a trap and got Bill, killing him in the process. Bill told him his story, and he ran away screaming because Bill was undead. Vacuum Cleaner abandoned him soon after because he was tired of him. Now he's depressed. He trapped Bill again, but did not claim him as his slave this time.

Appearance Edit



Plasma man is pink and red. He has black eyes and lacks a heartlight.

Trivia Edit

  • The fact he was infused with Bradon's spirit was to explain why he looked like him.
  • He was originally made as a one-off character.

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