Plot-Oriented Comics are sprite comics in which the story is driven by an ongoing plot. Generally, such comics are serious with only occasional humour, though some have been comedy-based.

Early Series

Adventures in Mata Nui

Dokuma's first comic series, Adventures in Mata Nui, along with its successor Adventures in Mata Nui 2.0, followed a serious plot, albeit uninformed of the official Bionicle canon it was attempting to emulate. Started in March of 2004, it is one of the earliest known series of this genre, if not the earliest. It eventually fell apart due to its inability to move the plot along, although it sported jazzy aliased MSPaint newbish kit-theft graphics.


Another one of the earliest comic series of this genre was Nosferatu, a comic series written by Raka the Metalizer. Started in 2005, it eventually died and was closed in early 2007. However, though it was one of the first plot-oriented series, it did not truly inspire any future comics of the genre.

The Unknown Turaga Saga

Another plot-oriented comic series was The Unknown Turaga, as written by a then-young Turaga Dlakii in 2006. The series was later continued in the ongoing Unknown Turaga Saga, and is now the longest running plot-oriented series to date. Its quality improving dramatically over the years, both story and graphics. The most recent series of this Saga is its third component series, LIGHT, the future of which is unknown.

Component Series

Generic Quest

Though originally intended as a Klinkerpoop-style comic, Generic Quest became a true plot-oriented series soon after its creation. Generic Quest is also a prominent example of a plot-oriented series using humor, although as of late only certain authors employ this device while others focus on advancing the storyline. GQ is often credited with sparking a newfound fascination with the plot-oriented genre, inspiring the creation of numerous other adherents to the style.

For a detailed summary of the plot, see the series's article.

Later Series

The Past

The Past, the prequel to Gavla's Comics, is mostly a plot-oriented series, though it utilizes a large amount of humor, as well. The authors, Arkatox and Gavla, always make sure that their comics always have some humor in them.

The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall is a MAS started by Oni. Its story is inspired by various science-fiction and action works. One major part of its plot is the series's own Fourth Wall Theory. It has often been regarded as the sister series of Generic Quest.


  • Often, multi-author series like Project Klinkerpoop sport an ongoing plot as well, albeit one lacking seriousness.
  • The typical film based on a sprite comic series also sports a somewhat-unserious plot.

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