Plot Device


Species : Unknown
Comics : Various
Kanohi : Backwards Grey Akaku
Colors : Grey, Blue
Element : Unknown
Occupation : Unknown
Tools : Various
Location : Unknown
Status : Unknown
Pronunciation : N/A

Plot Device is a shady character used in miscellaneous Multi-Author Comic Series. As his name implies, he is intended as a plot device. One could speculate that the Plot Device is actually a species

Character History

Plot Device was created by Zildjian to be used in Heroes. He was largely applauded by the other authors of the series for creating such a great character. Because even his name itself is synonymous with being a plot device, many series began to use Plot Device(s) in their own series.

Comic Appearances

This section will be used to try to track down all of Plot Device's appearances.


Plot Device first appeared to Zildjian, in Heroes. After deflecting a barrage of suspicious questions, he tells Zildjian that he is there to guide him on how to become a hero, using "intense training, untraditional training, and often questionable methods". His first instruction is to swallow a cyanide capsule; it's unknown whether or not Zildjian actually did this.

He then advised Zildjian to, in order to meet Bionicle Dragon, join the evil Exo M7.


He did a lot of random stuff. Exactly what he did should probably be explained once the whole plot of Found itself is explained. He did kill Kabookie, Norik's Prophecy, Caboose, Fury, Visorak Cooper, and The Native. In an alternate future, he manipulated Zonis and killed everyone on the island except for Mr. Saturn.

Toaster's Island

Plot Device took a minor villainous role in this series. Master Device owns twelve shares of Dlakii Industries and runs a fleet of slave-powered ships. He survived the crash taking place in the story.


A ghost Plot Device appears to the freshly dead Zonis as a messenger from the Ghost Capitol. He notified Zonis that he was dead and gave him a map. After Zonis, Kortu, Jack White, and Tegan and Sara formed a supergroup, Zonis offered the position of band manager to the ghostly Plot Device, who quickly denied the invitation.


Plot Device was run over by Kahi in a car accident. The lawsuit was said to have cost 3000 widgets.


  • Plot Device may just be one character or he may be a member of a lookalike species.

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