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Species : "Global Moderator", tentacle creature
Comics : Various, Mostly RZMIK
Origin : Inspired by BZP Member
First Appearance : Unknown
Abilities : BZPower Staff Powers
Weaknesses : None?
Location : BZ-Metru, Likely
Pronunciation : N/A

Pohuaki is a Premier Global Moderator on BZPower Forums. First joining the staff of BZPower in July 2003 as a Moderator, the position currently known as "Forum Leader," he has been the head of Artwork I since then, and has headed both Artwork II and Artwork III since their creation.

Use In Comics


Pohuaki's consistent presence as the head of the Artwork forums has led to him appearing as a character in many comics in many diverse roles. This role varies from antagonist (to the noobs) in Dr. Random's How to Be a Noob, to lone protagonist in Oni's comic.jpg. He is featured more prominently in RZMIK comics, which his accepted sprite best matches. Perhaps one of his more unique roles was in Baby Pohuaki, in which he is portrayed as (presumably) the son of Angry Nidhiki. He even appears in SybreNetX, appearing to Sybre and Vance, stating that all of their topics are closed. He could possibly appear again.


BIONICLE Artwork III Staff
Forum Leaders Current Pohuaki (Head) | InnerRayg
Forum Assistants Current Sisen | Nuju Metru
Former InnerRayg (Promoted) | SPIRIT (Promoted) | Turaga Dlakii (Banned) | Nikira
BIONICLE Artwork II Staff
Forum Leaders Current Pohuaki (Head) | InnerRayg
Former Tufi Piyufi (Promoted) | Timoteo
Forum Assistants Current Turakii #1 Lavasurfer
Former McSmeag (Promoted) | Watashi Wa (Promoted) | InnerRayg (Promoted) | Turaga Dlakii (Banned) | Zeddy

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