Point Taken


Genre : Comedy
Started/Maintained By : Toranova, Dreiken, Turaga Dlakii, Xaeraz, Rorschach
Current Season : N/A
Location/Setting : Unknown
Main Enemies : Ortus, Xaeraz
Starting Date : October 31, 2008
Sprite Kit : RZMIK
Status : Active, Xaeraz's turn

Point Taken is a dying Multi-author Comic Series that was launched on Hallowe'en 2008. Consisting of five members, one of whom has yet to do anything, the project is led by Toranova. It was recently shut down temporarily due to inconveniences with the authors, but was relaunched in short order in a new topic, something which raised quite a bit of confusion.

It was deleted in the dataclysm and never brought back.

The Idea

As far as can be told, the idea behind Point Taken was created and accomplished within days, much to people's surprise.

The Story

Dreiken is apparently a karate expert and accidently cracks his leg. Dlakii and Plirgumy go check him out. Meanwhile, Doolazeebones smells plotline. Dlakii and Plirgumy visit Dreiken, who seems to be stuck in one position. Toranova and Orus go visit Dreiken while he is still stuck. Dreiken has never heard of them, and asks how in the world do they know him. Apparently there's a plothole. Toranova goes to get his Spinal Hammer to try to help Dreiken. While he is gone, Ortus kidnaps Dreiken and takes him to law school. Xaeraz is revealed to be the evil mastermind of the plotline. He is planning something.

Toranova returns with the Spinal Hammer, only to be approached by Dlakii and Plirgumy. Upon seeing the Spinal Hammer, Plirgumy goes mildly insane and steals it from Toranova. When he swings it, it generates some form of dimensional rift, which rescues Dreiken from Ortus and brings him back to the grassy plain. Dreiken finds that he is able to move again, yet the others still can't.

Ortus, confused by Dreiken's disappearance, accidentally blinds himself in midflight and falls into the desert. Xaeraz is revealed to have masterminded Dreiken's kidnap, saying that the law school would have paid well for a new recruit.


The Authors


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