Procrastinaticus III (more commonly known as "Rangosterone") is a chemical released by Rangan Mercenus's species.


Procrastinaticus III is a hormone developed and produced by members of Rangan's species, and is also what makes Rangan's species a little crazy at times. It was originally created by the great fool "Stratslingan Likaran", a scientist in the mental department. Stratslingan had a dream; to make creatures that weren't as strong as him develop a more strengthened body, ans so, Procrastinaticus III was created, however, it took two attempts to create it, both of which are too disgusting and foul to write in this Wikia.

Comic Appearances

While it still is a myth at current, Procrastinaticus will have a mention or at least have a "Comic" devoted to the process at which it arrives in The Mercenus Chronicles, in chapter 4 of the comic series.

Effects and aftershock

Procrastinaticus III is released into the air when a member of Rangan's species has reached a sudden emotion of fighting for the greater good; for example, Rangan Mercenus is currently fighting the SPAM Empire for the good of the comic land, not for himself. At the moment of feeling this emotion, the carrier of the hormone automatically releases this hormone, which then spreads into the people that would need it the most.


Catching this Hormone grants you many advantanges and abilities, however members of Rangan's species do not gain these traits as they already have them... Matoran gain the most amount of traits and abilities, a few examples of them are:

  • an increased state of mind- able to use all 5 senses to a superb standard.
  • Increased muscular intensity- the strength of the catcher increases, making them far more agile and defensive in combat.
  • Increased intellegence- enough said.
  • The removal of infections and viruses.


Depending how strong a will the catcher has, Procrastinaticus III can give the catcher insanity, a change of gender, or nothing at all (the former of the three rarely ever happens).

what to do if you catch it

If you caught the chemical in your body, you can do some of the followiing:

  • Suicide- some catchers have been driven to madness by the power of the hormone, thus making suicide a reletively sane option.
  • Live with it- the advantages it gives you can really put an edge in your life.
  • Sit down, eat a bag of chips and kill the hormone with a stick- virtually impossible unless the Procrastinaticus III becomes a sentient being.

Known characters affected by Procrastinaticus III

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