Procrastination Nation


Author(s) : Jiigoo, Kothra, Khols, Reku
Current Season : 2
Medium : RZMIK
Island : The Comic Land
Main Enemies : None
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : August 19, 2009 (New)
Location : Jiigoo's Studio
Status : Dead
Pronunciation : Proh-cras-tin-ay-shun Nay-shun

Procrastination Nation is Jiigoo's sixth comic series. It is co-authored by Kothra, Khols, and Reku. However, as the topic's name suggests, not many of them have posted comics. The original version of Procrastination Nation did not do too well and was deleted in the dataclysm, but it was reposted. It did well for a while but has now died..


The comics all use the background of Jiigoo's comic studio, the same as the one used in Funky Cuttlefish Cream. The comics do not feature very much text, and often reuse similar ideas. As the series has gone on, Jiigoo has used more GIMP effects. Near the end of its life, Jiigoo created a boatload of new backgrounds in his signature style with Motion Artist.

Comic Distribution

Most of the comics in Procrastination Nation were made by Jiigoo himself, with a few made by Kothra. No comics were made by Reku. The only comic made by Khols was his application comic in Kothra's Blog. There was also one fan comic.


Character Description
Jiigoo The comics' primary character. He is somewhat random.
Toupaka A real-life friend of Jiigoo's. He is a Matoran of Kitchen Appliances.
Kothra A Matoran who is frequently found in one pose.
Reku One of Kothra's Acquaintances. He likes pie.
Khols A "Doctor" and an author of the comics.

Recurring Themes

  • Windex Explosions
  • Duplicate Comics
  • Jiigoo getting blown up.


  • Procrastination Nation accepts fan comics, and has links to it's extensive kit.
  • Procratination Nation does not accept guest stars.
  • The topic died true to its name: by the authors procrastination.


Procrastination Nation on BZPower

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