Author(s) : SgtPanda
Current Season : One
Medium : Rayg 2.5, Chimoru, Other Ripped Sprites
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : None (Businessmen as Bullies)
Number of Movies : None
Started On : July 5, 2009
Location : Office
Status : Dead
Pronunciation : N/A

Progress was a comic series written by SgtPanda about an average office located near Super Splendid Mart. No one knows it's there.

Progress the first "office" type of comic SgtPanda had seen. However, the series was unpopular, mostly consisting of posts from the author himself and Xeso.


The location is an office building that has green interiors. It is close by to a supermarket, which is the inspiration of the location, although it is not clear whether the supermarket is informed of the office.

The office was sold to SgtPanda as a branch to the technology giant SachaCohen, Inc.

Although it is a new building, the land agent stated that a former owner had a food addiction and therefore wrote "taco" at the entrance to the storage room.

It is known that a Michael Jackson-lookalike sold the property to SgPanda for SachaCohen, it was stated in the fifth comic that the seller was the real Michael Jackson, although it's not exactly clear whether he's the real Michael Jackson.


  • SgtPanda:He is the boss of the 2-member group of employees. He is lazy and money-loving, and likes to use his logic to solve problems. He is the green/yellow folk.
  • Xeso: He is the first employee in the office branch, his profession at the office is unknown, though SgtaAnda is yet to announce it. He is green and black.
  • Mahar: The receptionist, he is sane, although he can mistake the word "sharp" for "stubby". He has a sword.
  • Michael J, Horwitz: The land agent that sold the property. He looks and dresses like Michael Jackson, and is reported to be Michael Jackson himself, though he quickly stated it was a lie.
  • Businessman: Actually 3 or 9 businessmen. They often bully the new employees, but get pwned easily.

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