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Project Nothing


Author(s) : TINR, Master Darman, Protector of the Fortress, Autodude12, Reidak's Nemesis
Current Season : First
Medium : Six-Shaded Chimoru
Island : None Defined
Main Enemies : None Yet
Number of Movies : Zero
Started On : October 23rd, 2009
Location : Undefined
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Pro-jekt Nuh-thing

Project Nothing is a multi-author series started by TINR. The topic description describes it as "lolwut".


Each author is making their own plots.

The early comics were "random" with no continuing story. Each comic usually featured a short joke that takes place in the Project Nothing studio.

Now the authors are making their own seperate plots. Autodude12 has plans for a plot, and Darman is going to describe his past.


Characters (In Cycle Order)
Protector of the Fortress
Reidak's Nemesis

Each author is developing their characters as they go. PotF has resigned from the series.


Early on, the comics were received as terrible. The first two, made by TINR and Darman, were not at popular and earned quite a bit of scorn from other members.

As the other authors made theirs, the reception slowly rised, and people now think it is marginally better. However, there is still plenty of sarcasm, mostly from Group members.

Lately, Autodude12 and Master Darman have made known their objective to make Project Nothing as popular as other "Project" comics, namely Project Klinkerpoop and Project Unlikely. However, some say it will be a very long time before they ever will reach that goal.

Making the Comics

Each author uses their own program. Darman and AutoDude use MSPaint, but the programs the others use is unknown.

Many viewers have suggested that they download GIMP for their comics, if possible.


Project Nothing on BZPower

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