Protoss General's Comics, Issue 1 Banner.

Protoss General's Comics debuted December 19, 2009, nearly three months after the closing of Protoss General's historical epic, The Second Punic War.

After the closure of The Second Punic War, Protoss General sat back and refined his MP-Paint abilities beforing making his comeback. Protoss General's Comics often employ jokes relating to events in video gaming and his strange outlook on life. (see "On Pro-Active")


The series entails the zany adventures of Protoss General, the owner and manager of Protoss General's Apartment, trying to keep the peace between the various residents.

One prominent feature of the series was the introduction of the horrible incompetent Private Eye, Inspector Raymond. Raymond is always blundering his cases due to his eagerness, his lack of preparedness, or his innocence and willingness to take a criminal's word. He often dies and is brought back through mysterious and yet to be explained means.

Style PGC started out in pure MS-Paint, mainly due to the fact that PG was obllivious to anything better. During the summer he finally downloaded GIMP (after a considerable length of procrastinating and putting it off). After a period of learning how to use it, graphics improved considerably.

PG updates PGC twice a week, on Mondays and Thurdsdays. He prefers this over just updating whenever he's in the mood for it, believing that's what contributed to the closure of The Second Punic War (in other words mundo procrastination on his part).

A Movie in the making?Edit

Not likely, due to time constraints and lack of proper materials. However, in the past he had released trailers for upcoming issues.

Prominant CharactersEdit


Protoss General's Comics, Issue 1 Banner.

Protoss General: An apartment manager quickly arriving at wits end.

The BP Oil Spill.

Cthulhu: Great Old One and all around vile creature. Smells like fish, sleeps in a fishbowl, and goes fishing often (in New York).

Issue 4 header

Inspector Raymond: (shown on the right) A horribly pathetic detective, but has his heart in the right place (if only the rest of him was there too).

General George Smith Patton.

General George S. Patton: Prominant World War 2 General. Known for his bravado and bravery.

Permanant Guest Stars do not like to visit Salt Mines.

Various Permant Guest Stars: (Left to Right) Taku Nova1111, Vahi, Vorox Chief, Sho Miniamoto, Lewafan21, Toa Doublebee, iArchon, and ~Chan'etheDemongirl~
A Villian Rises

Watch out world.

Jen Eric: Horribly incompetent villian?

Eye see you.

The Evil Eye: A being of immense power who Inspector Raymond bested (sort of...) in Cancun, Mexico.

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