Author(s) : XFire
Current Season : One
Medium : RZMIK
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : None at this Point
Number of Movies : Multiple Flash Comics
Started On : March 26, 2009
Location : Various
Status : Dead, but a new topic is in the works
Pronunciation : Kwehst

QUEST is the comeback series by XFire released on March 26, 2009. It is unique due to the fact that each comic is set in what seems to be an '80s MS-DOS game with different commands. These video game commands are requested to XFire by PM so he can turn the idea into a comic and post it. These comics often come in the form of a GIF or SWF animation. Quest uses RZMIK.

Quest has proved to be a success and has over 100 installments to date.

More Info


The original Quest logo.

The player and main protagonist is XFire himself, who in Comic 5 changes his name to Firex (however, that is just his character form - the actual comic maker's name is still XFire). Commands can also be requested from Sanepart and Lehrya, with Lehrya finally appearing in Comic 23. Quest is set in the island of Mata Nui and borrows backgrounds from the Mata Nui Online Game. The player has been requested to do all sorts of actions such as - dig up a bomb shelter, open a doughnut shop seven feet from where he's standing and search for Bula trees.

The plot has majorly advanced since the series first started.


The comic series features a movedex (player card) of certain characters which contain information on statistics and battle moves of the character.


  • This comic series was inspired by a web comic using the same style (commands requested by user).

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