Randomly Associated Things


Author(s) : Argaraffe
Current Season : Two
Medium : Chimoru, Xaniskit
Island : Arga Nui
Main Enemies : Brock, the Broccoli
Number of Movies : None
Started On : December 26, 2009
Location : Inside a House, Outside a Building
Status : Mildly Popular
Pronunciation : Ran-dum-lee Uhs-soh-see-ay-ted things

Randomly Associated Things is a comic series written by the BZPower member Argaraffe, commonly referred to as R.A.T., RAT, or simply Rat. The first season of the comics used Dark709's Chimoru Kit, in six-shade, and the current season uses Xaniskit Matoran.


Season One

The first season of the comics was started on December 26, 2009. It used Six-Shade Chimoru, and it was set in Argarrafe's house. It finished with seventeen comics and one fan comic. The final comic used the Xaniskit, which would later be used in the second season.

Many of the comics are now inaccessible, due to being uploaded on Iaza.

Season Two

The second season of the comics was started on January 19, 2010. In the first Season Two comic, the sprite kit was officially changed to Xaniskit. There are currently thirty-one standard comics and three comics for the mini-series "Dr. Doctor goes to Spain." This season also features a daily strip, which is on its third week.

On July 16, 2010, Argaraffe announced that he was ending the series with Season 2.



Unlike many other comics, R.A.T. only has two original characters, Argaraffe and Dr. Doctor.


Argaraffe is the author of R.A.T., and quite a prankster However, he doesn't believe in hurting PGSs, out of fear his comics will get bad reviews. Because of this, whenever someone gets hurt, its usually Dr. Doctor, Argaraffe's only original character.

Dr. Doctor

Dr. Doctor is a mad scientist. He hates cars, mainly due to the fact that he was hit multiple times by one. He is also very unpredictable. For example, one minute he's inventing an alternate way to get to space, and another he's hijacking a piece of cardboard. His inventions include the Two-Shade Gun, Six-Shade Spray, a giraffe-in-a-box, an evil robot, and more.

Secondary (Permanent Guest Stars)

There are a number of Permanent Guest Stars in R.A.T., which are listed below.


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