Comics : The Unknown Turaga Saga, Generic Quest
Type of Weapon : Sword
Main colour : Gold, Silver
Power : None
Size : Thin
Usage : Melée weapon
Status : In use by Dlakii, The Spirit Guide
Pronunciation : Rah-pee-er

A rapier is a special type of sword and the weapon of choice of Turaga Dlakii and The Spirit Guide.


Dlakii's rapier was almost certainly not created when he became a Turaga. Most likely, he purchased it from an expert weaponsmith.

For the past thousand or so years, this rapier has been Dlakii's sole weapon of choice, perfectly complementing his lightning-fast sword techniques. He has relied on it in some of his toughest battles, such as against Makuta Teridax and the Lord of the Shadow Dragons.

In Generic Quest, it is not known how The Spirit Guide acquired her rapier, though it is believed to be a simple weapon crafted on Mars by and for the Martians.

Design and Powers

The rapier has no special powers of its own. Dlakii has been know to use it to channel his powers of light; for instance, he could charge up his power in it, stab something, then unleash his light powers which would ravage the stabbed thing from the inside. Likewise, The Spirit Guide is able to release energy through it, but has otherwise not used it yet in the comics except to strike Sir Evil in the back of the head.

The rapier is a thin and relatively long sword, about as long as Dlakii is tall. Its most distinguishing feature is a golden curved handguard, designed to perfectly protect the sword hand. It is designed to be used with one hand, but the handle does accomodate for two hands if required.


  • Though in design it was based on real rapiers, Dlakii's rapier was inspired by a type of sword of the same name in the Fire Emblem videogame series, in which rapiers are typically borne exclusively by each game's main hero.
  • Dlakii's rapier was also hand-sprited by Turaga Dlakii himself years ago, which is why it doesn't quite resemble a real rapier; since then, it occasionally receives minor touchups.
  • The Spirit Guide's rapier was sprited intentionally primitively by Dokuma.

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