Species : Poor Robot Doctor Action Figure
Comics : The Life of My Toys
Kanohi : N/A
Colors : Red and White
Element : N/A
Occupation : Autobot Medic/Doctor
Tools : Jaws of Life, Mini ax, loads of doctor tools
Location : Autobot Base
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Rat-Chet

Ratchet is a Character in the Life of my Toys.

Character Overview

Ratchet is the leader of the Autobot Emergency squad. Skilled in combat, He can chop a Decepticon (particularly Tanktron) into bit and pieces in just seconds flat. He can turn into a Hummer H2. But there is a problem with him. He cannot fix people the way his father did. Instead, he fixes his patents in a lot of weird ways. Often getting himself in a heap of trouble with them. Even his teammates hate him for this. Unfortunately, the reason is that he failed medical school and wasn't allowed to retry his courses again. That's how bad of a doctor he is.

In other words, he's good at combat, but not in medical.

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