Reflum's Comics

Me banna

Author(s) :


Current Season : 1.0
Medium : Chimoru Omega
Island : Meta-Nui
Main Enemies :


Number of Movies : 0
Started On : July 6 2008
Location : Reflum's Comic Studio
Status : Closed
Pronunciation : REE-flums Comics

Sprite Sheet 1.0 or 0.5

Reflum's Comics was made by Reflum on July 6 2008. There has been 6 storyline comics, 3 GS comics, and 1 special. There are 7 PGSes.


Good Guys

Character Description
Reflum A Ta-matoran and the creator of these comics
Fasky A Ga-matoran that can move very fast
Jumpy A Po-matoran that can jump very high/far
Spritezy A Le-matoran that is a sprite obsessed freak,That made Sprocolate
Avy An An-matoran that Description to be filled by Reflum
Ziggy Star Description to be filled by Reflum
VT A Tel-matoran that just watches T.V.

Bad Guys

Character Description
Koraki A Ko-matoran and Reflum nemisis.
Zeke Possibly an Onu-matoran and Koraki's secon-in-command
Err...Some white Toa Description to be filled by Reflum
Shadow-paka A bizzaro toa, the bizzaro of Err...Some white Toa
Unkuta Teridax Makuta, the makuta of Unkown-Nui


Character Description
Blade Titan974 The dude who made Blade Titan974's Comics. He is very smart and he believes he's totally awesome in every way. And he loves muffins!
Chokii The food obsessed freak in Blade Titan974's Comics. His obsession is chocolate. And he now enjoys his and Spritezy's new creation, Sprocolate.
Vader's Apprentice Description to be filled by Reflum
Blast Description to be filled by Reflum
Toa Plasmus Description to be filled by Reflum
Sphinsout Description to be filled by Reflum
Lerman the cyber toa Description to be filled by Reflum

GSes (Ones who didn't become PGSes)

Character Situation
Hojirick  ????? (Fill this in after he GSes)

The Comics

Main Series

GS Comics



To be filled in


Place guys you're crediting and what they did


To be filled by Reflum

External Links

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