Reidak, as seen in The Newsroom, is a rebellious Skakdi who does freelance pranking for Tamaru.



Species : Skakdi
Comics : The Newsroom
Kanohi : None
Colors : Gray, Gold
Element : Earth
Occupation : N/A
Tools : Buzzsaw, Zamor Launcher
Location : Channel Billion Studios
Status : At Channel Billion Studios
Pronunciation : ray-dahk

In The Newsroom

Reidak first appeared in #64, as a contestant on Skakdi Idol who was voted out after a horrible rendition of Am I Not Pretty Enough.

He later appeared around Christmas, assisting Tamaru by giving him Zamor Spheres to put inside DudeNuva's stocking.


  • Despite appearing in The Newsroom, Reidak is not Turaga Dlakii's favourite of the Piraka. He appears because Turaga Dlakii has only Reidak's RZMIK sprites.
  • Reidak's RZMIK sprites were created by BZPower member Kortu.

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