Author(s) : WithoutAWord
Current Season : One
Medium : RZMIK
Island : N/A
Main Enemies : Unknown
Number of Movies : None
Started On : July 4, 2010
Location : Shuttle 1000, the Control Room
Status : Active
Pronunciation : N/A

Retrograde is a new comic series created by the new BZPower member WithoutAWord. It uses RZMIK and Photoshop effects. As of now, the plot revolves around Word, an unfortunate astronaut sent to space without a helmet. The series also will feature a number of cameos. It was released on July 4th ,2010. It is part of the Cosmological Complexity Conception.


Control Room

A Control Room

The series starts with WithoutAWord (shortened to Word), sent off into space on Shuttle 1000. The shuttle is named so because the voyage is meant to last a millenia. On awakening, Word gets ready to go out into space, but has no helmet. Back on Earth in an unspecified control room, Dokuma and Nuparurocks come to the realization that they forgot to put a helmet on the space ship. Too lazy to do anything about it themselves, they call Zonis, so he can help Word get a helmet. Metrukuta, Zonis' apparent sidekick, helps too. Back on Shuttle 1000, Word tries to the contact Earth, unaware that radio signals take more time to reach Earth from space. Instead, he reaches Kahinuva on Shuttle 675. Kahinuva mentions that he has no helmet, so he couldn't fulfil his task of colonizing space. They are not the only one without helmets, as many other Shuttles don't have them either. On Earth with Dokuma and Nuparurocks, they receive a radio signal sent from Word a long time ago, about his missing helmet. Kahinuva explains that even though their race is superior in many ways and technologies, the status of radio technology is very bad, thus resulting in the delay of arrival of the radio messages. During all this, Zonis and Metrukuta call (via telecommunicator) three other people to help them with their "epic journey," FireEmblem, Vahkoro and Philbert Flakes. In the end Zonis decides to meet them in person. Meanwhile, Nuparurocks discovers Dokuma's head is spiky. Zonis meets up with his fellow recruits and explains the plan. They have to sneak into NASA and steal a rocket and load it with tons of helmets. They take off, give a helmet to Word and spend the rest of their lives in space. Despite it being a horrible plan, it met no resistance. They immediately leave. But behind a desk Metrukuta is talking on the radio to an unknown person, supposedly in the NASA building. Metrukuta warns him that "they" were coming his way.


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