Rise of the Fallen Army

Author(s) : Sybre
Current Season : Not out yet
Medium : Rayg 2.0
Island : Delva-Nui
Main Enemies : Maktaku, his army
Number of Movies : Currently zero
Started On : December 5th, 2011
Location : Delva-Nui
Status : Currently in production
Pronunciation : Do I really have to say it?

Rise of the Fallen Army is an upcoming comic series soon to be written by Sybre and hopefully volunteers. It follows the adventures of a Toa team whose members are handpicked by the High Council to stop Maktaku's army. Thanks to the shutdown, the series release date was moved to December 5th, 2011.


Short Version:

The island of Delva-Nui is being destroyed by the army of Maktaku, who vanquishes the island's defenders. The High Council chooses eight matoran from the sacred villages and bestows upon the chosen ones the weapons that the fallen defenders had once wielded, turning the bewildered Matoran into powerful Toa.

The story will unfold much more as the series is released.


Good GuysEdit

Image Name Description
Roden Roden A confident Toa, formerly Matoran, of Plasma who leads the team with his head held high.
Cerra Cerra A Toa of Lightning whom, Maktaku's soldiers call "Shock Therapy". She was a big fan of Akano's Comics during her Matoran days.
Metrel Metrel A Toa of Magnetism who was very strategic as a Matoran.
Pron Pron A Toa of Gravity who would once use his powers as a Matoran to commit crimes. He is the least trustworthy among his teammates.
Zesius Zesius A Toa of Sonics with the greatest intelligence out of all the members of the team.
Tamak Tamak The Toa of Iron. He is the strongest, having Metrel as the runner-up.
Viska Viska A specially chosen Toa of Psionics assigned to assist the team.
Zakk Zakk A specially chosen Toa of Light who assists the team.
None The High Council The Turaga of each of the villages, except the Shadow Turaga, who discuss important subjects about the island.

Bad GuysEdit

Image Name Description
Maktaku Maktaku Makuta's evil father bent on world domination.
Zakutrai Zakutrai A Toa of Shadows who rivals Zakk and is the general of Maktaku's army. He once Guest Starred in SybreNetX.
None Maktaku's Army Evil beings all created and gathered together to make a force that cannot be crushed.


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