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Species : Robot Matoran
Comics : Generic Quest
Kanohi : Koru
Colors : Blue, grey
Element : None
Occupation : Android working for The B Team
Tools : None
Location : Unknown
Status : Presumed alive
Pronunciation : N/A

RobotZonis, or Robozonis/Robozon, is an android developed by The B Team in Generic Quest to assist them in their battle. It was named in memory of Zonis whom the team believed to be deceased, not knowing that he had been revived by Bionicle Dragon using the Eyefourgott.

RobotZonis played a minor role in the season 1 finale as part of the strike team sent by the United States Air Force to assassinate Malvadon on the Moon. He survived the air strike.

He was later released from a prison on Mars by Kortu and Caboose. When the three were confronted by a guard, RoboZonis seduced the girl and they went away together. Exactly a month later, this guard is found to be very pregnant, although RoboZonis is no longer in the facility.


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