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Species : Matoran
Comics : Rogwiz's Comic Studios
Kanohi : Miru
Colors : Red, White, and Blue
Element : Unknown
Occupation : Comic Maker
Tools : Unknown
Location : In a field
Status : Active
Pronunciation : N/A

Rogwiz is a comic maker on BZPower.

Background Information

Rogwiz is known little about in his early years. He joined in 2003. He has created a comic series and even a kit. He is one of the only people to have Series 5+.

Rogwiz's Comics

His first comics started in 2005. They are now lost and his comics go up to the start of his second series. His first comics that are readable, are not bad in grammar and used ToM. He used ToM all the way until the start of Series 4. That's when he continued with RZ. Some comics included Chimoru. Overall, he has made 141 comics and 15 fillers, which is more than many comic makers.

Avatar: After the Story Bionicle Comics!

AAtSBC was a very short mini-series that was about after what happened in the Avatar: The Last Airbender. It lasted four comics and was pretty funny.


  • Rogwiz was another of the comic makers to be "supported" by Kodrak, though it is plain if you look through the topic that Kodrak has supported him.
  • Rogwiz was also an author in the Skorpyo/Philipnova798 Co-production Project Unlikely.

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