Rojo the Noob

Rojo tmucw

Species : Noob
Comics : That's Messed Up: Creator's Wrath
Kanohi : None
Colors : Completely Red
Element : None
Occupation : Tavern Owner
Tools : His minions
Location : The Underworld
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : ROH-hoh the NOOB

Rojo the Noob is a character who made his debut in That's Messed Up: Creator's Wrath.


The Past

Long, long ago, the Red Noobs roamed the land, along with the normal noobs and the Florescent Noobs. Rojo was one of this species. However, due to unknown circumstances, the species wore down until there were only five left, and only two were known of: Rojo, and one suspected to be in a petting zoo. The other three are out in the world somewhere, lost.

Rojo seemed to live peacefully in Noob City, until his hut caught fire. Supposedly, an Elemental Spirit found him and aided him in escaping. It told Rojo about the ill fate of his species, and stated it wanted to help him. Rojo was taken to the Underworld, and, using the last of his money, bought enough supplies to build Club Rojo, a tavern. Rojo worked as the bartender, janitor and manager until some thugs came in. The noob seized the opportunity and allied himself with The Grudge, Pummel, and a noob of unknown origin named Suds.

That's Messed Up: Creator's Wrath

Rojo invested his money made by the club to a new home. He eventually found a stronghold in a place known as Toaster-Nui, far away from the Underworld. However, this place was a resting place for a Staff of Power. Rojo's presence made the staff corrupt, making the stronghold wear down in graphic quality. Some time after, Rojo built Noobot, a robot capable of firing lasers, enlarging, and long-distance punching.

The robot, however, was no match for four Toa who found the staff and restored the fortress to its original state, forcing Rojo to retreat back to his club.

Later, Rojo was found by VakamaTK, Blade Titan974, and Chokii while cleaning out the basement. Rojo made a poor attempt to fight them, and failed easily. He called for Grudge because "he has a boo-boo". Unfortunately, Grudge's limited brainpower foils him and winds up punching Rojo and making his injuries worse, calling for a hospital.

Rojo healed, escaped, and forgave Grudge. Rojo decided to invest his money in getting even with Gerlicky and his friends. Rojo decided to learn how to fight, despite the fact that he wasn't exactly the strongest noob.

That's Messed Up: The Legendary Gerlicky

Rojo will be appearing in the upcoming TMUtLG.

Noob War

In Noob War, a MAS by Gerlicky, Philbert, Kahinuva, and Tavakai, Rojo appears as a normal-speaking Toa of Fire.


Whereas other noobs tend to be random and ever-loving of spam, Rojo is aggressive. He is easily maddened and is often drawn into a rage. Despite being a noob, Rojo is also incredibly intelligent, as he built three renditions of Noobot.

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