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Species : Skakdi
Comics : Rokroro's Comics
Kanohi : Alternate Pakari, Mask Of Mental Strength
Colors : Purple, Light Green and Red-Orange eyes
Element : Poison, Acid
Occupation : Comic maker, Spriter
Tools : Acid Gun, Poison Staff
Location : Hapori Nui in his studio
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Rawk-raw-raw

Rokroro is an infamous comic maker that never finishes his work because of laziness. He quit Bzpower for some time before deciding to come back.


He is Rokroro, son of Karzahni and Tohu's twin, Buqi, however he found the island Karzahni as boring and escaped with a Toa Of Shadows to Tren Krom Peninsula, Mahri Nui, Mata Nui and then the Comicland. After that he built a studio there. Later he became a Matoran of Poison and Acid.


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A comic series(that maybe risks Rokroro's membership on BZPower) that is about the VahkiPowerGuard and their fight for freedom.


Rokroro uses paint and GIMP and often chibikits, mainly Razor, Chimoru, Tom Kit 2, he likes Xaniskit and RZMIK.

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