Author(s) : toaster1
Current Season : 1
Medium : RZMIK
Island : Unknown continent
Main Enemies : Hapori Nui
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : August 19 2009
Location : Kale
Status : Dead
Pronunciation : "N/A"

SIMPLICITY was a comic series that signified the return of Tapika of Shadows, now toaster1, to BZP. It ended its run in January 13, 2010, being succeeded by toaster1's series Improv and later by Metaphor.


There is Matoran life on more then one planet, and there is more then one Mata Nui. Like there was one for the main Bionicle universe and one for Hapori Nui, there was one which was very small. It was small enough that it didn't need an 'immune system' (Toa) and thus there was no need for different elements. For some reason it crashed on a planet with no natural fauna of it's own, and the black and grey plants and beings seeped out and dominated the planet. An ecosystem was formed, and all was well.

Until something from the Comic Land appeared there.

And now the Comic Land want it back.


A long time ago, the Shaydaks were a peaceful race with no worries in the world, but then the planet was invaded by Arc's grandfather and a squad of BZ-Guards. Being defenceless, many died in the battle. The planet was burnt to the ground, and only the Shaydaks- now called Shaydak Imps- remained. These survivors found the wreckage of a strange, giant, humanoid machine...

The series itself begins with Yelloweyes reprimanding Greeneyes for something unkown. Before Yelloweyes can tell us what it is, he is struck by a meteorite and set on fire! Redeyes and Blueeyes banter for a short while before Yelloweyes interrupts. Greeneyes inspects the meteor, which turns out to be a hat of some sort.

However, after the fires have been dealt with and Blueeyes questioned Greeneyes, the hat turns out to be some sort of alien hyperadvanced computer! We later see a car haven slammed into the ground and burned (Velzor's car). As the Eyes Matoran investigate, a Shaydak Imp popped out and fought Yelloweyes but was turned into oil after a few hits from Yelloweyes's steering wheel.

Later, we focus on a stranded spacefaring matoran from Hapori Nui called Velzor tied up and surrounded by a group of Shaydak Imps messing with his things. He tries to make contact with the Shaydak King but is slapped and then abandoned. He tries to enter the house but Blueeyes stops him in his tracks. However, after blocking her umbrella's strikes and shooting her with a shotgun he is flung by Redeyes and quickly crushed with his car axle.

After Blueeyes recovered she asked Greeneyes to get rid of the Alien Artifact. However, he came across a group of Shaydak Imps who battled him and stole the Artifact.

Later, a group of Millionares' annual schedule meant they all met up to discuss ways to get the Alien Artifact- called a H.A.T. or Hyperadvanced Terminal, back. Justix offered to search for it in a spacecraft. A small while later, Arc and Justix landed in a metal spherical object.

Minutes later, the Shaydak King totured another Imp for fun. But he threw the Imp towards him, which knocked off the H.A.T. into a pile of Shaydak oil. This made the oil come to life again, a strange, bestial arm reaching out of the top...

The arm later became visibly attached to the Shaydak Golem, who deflected a Drop-Pod flung at him by the Shaydak King into space. Some time later, as the sun was setting, the Shaydak Golem ambushed Justix and got in a battle with - and killed - Arc. Justix escaped to live another day.

As the sun was rising, Trilo went to see if he could get Kahi to help him. In the process he learnt Kahi had killed a random guy. Trilo then got Kahi to build a machine that would house Kahi's brain. It was built, but not before the fire alarm was triggered. Kahi's brain was later launched inside a Drone in a rocket.

The Shaydak Golem approached Blueeyes and Redeyes, holding the unconcious bodies of Greeneyes and Yelloweyes. Blueeyes and Redeyes launched a BOSS STRIFE with the Shaydak Golem, and VICTORY was theirs.

Meanwhile, Trilo showed PATSY a recorded video of an episode of The Newsroom, detailing current events happening in the Comic Land - Such as Trilo ordering the death of Kahi. PATSY suggested they investigate the identity of the mysterious whistleblower, known only as LJ...

A little while later, Eljay entered the Legimate Establishment. After some banter with Terton, Tavakai showed up...

On the Planet of Kale, the Kahi Droid pondered phisolophical questions about whether he was still Kahi.

Trilo spoke to an unknown crowd that there was a problem... The Kahi droid had become sentinent.


Kale inhabitants

The Matoran of Kale are unique among comic characters in that they are not reffered to by proper names but by the color of their eyes. Matoran live in colonies where only one of each eyecolor can be at a time. It is not uncommon for rejected Matoran to gather and form a new colony in isolated places. Normally the other inhabitants of Kale are hostile towards them.

Character Description
Redeyes Redeyes is rash, reckless and rancorous. Beware.
Yelloweyes Yelloweyes tries his best to calm situations, but when things get too hot to handle he loses his sanity.
Greeneyes Greeneyes is curious and inquisitive. He will stop at nothing to find a new use for something.
Blueeyes Blueeyes is the levelheaded member of the group. She often jokes around, but it's often her job to keep the others in check.
Purpleeyes Purpleeyes is also referred to as the translator. He is mysterious and seems to transcend the fourth wall.
Shaydak Imps Shaydak Imps are cheeky and mischevious little creatures made of skeletons and oil. They have been trained to use guns backwards. A notable being is the Shaydak King, distinguishable by his staff.
Shaydak Golem The Shaydak Golem is the only one of his kind, a recreation of the previously extinct species Shaydak Imps had evolved from. His mere existance is fueled by the power of the Alien Artifact. He was destoyed by Blueeyes and Redeyes.

Hapori Nui inhabitants

The Hapori Nui inhabitants are native to the Comic Land and are belived by the Kale Matoran to be hostile.

Character Description
Guest Stars These below are Guest Stars. Visit the topic for more detail.
Velzor Velzor is easily annoyed and hostile but forgiving. It doesn't save him from death at the hands of Redeyes however. He is a dirty criminal and before crashing on Kale stole every single H.A.T..
Eljay Eljay hails from the Daxian Archipelago, and still lives there most of the time. Despite toughening up in the big city and making a lot of money, he never really lost his 'Aw shucks' demeanor and sometimes still gapes in awe at some of the taller buildings. He has a big temper and is a large fan of the Masteen plant.
Justix Justix is prepared to take big dares to liven up his otherwise boring lifestyle, and that's how he go so rich. However, sometimes his impusliveness tends to result in loss. He's very careful when he has to be, however.
"Arc" Arc liked to keep to himself most of the time, and only spoke to say things that have been well thought out and groomed of potential fatal mistakes. He made his large sum of money during the Second War of BZ-Metru as a BZ-Guard, guns ablazing, but retired. It didn't mean he doesn't do much, he just didn't want to die before he could live. The Governing Turaga paid his pension. His name was short for Katrix, Archduke of Bobbooba, a title he claimed after killing the old Archduke, but he wasn't a big fan of his real name. He was quite bitter and cynical. He was killed in a rather one sided battle with the Shaydak Golem.
Trilo Trilo is very proffesional at his job, which is the Public Face of Rixal Industries. He keeps a straight face and smart, polished armor on at all times. However, off the job that mask comes off and he melts into a softie that wants nothing more then to be with his pet Tuggles. Sometimes he takes his oldest, Winamp, to work, but last time he peed on a very important document so it doesn't seem very likely anymore. He is the main villian.
Archon Archon is incredibly supersticious and religious. Tell him that he'll go to the Pit if he has any material possesions and he'll sell his own eyebrows if need be. This has happened before. It's why he's so rich. Luckily he got over it. This makes other Matoran incredibly wary of him, which is a complete shame because he's a very nice guy underneath all that worrying and continuous praying. He has weak Psionic powers.
Kahi Kahi is a scientist working for Rixal Enterprises who is quite unlucky with the law. This means he has a fear of lawyers. He was given a rather immoral project recently by Trilo, which involved the transplant of his brain into a machine he built. He is the creator of PATSY, the unfortunately named servant core that runs Rixal Towers.
Tavakai Tavakai is somewhat of a celebrity around this area of the Comic Land, mainly because he runs the TK Times. His catchphrase is "What a scoop!" He's been following the Rixal Industries scandal for a week now, using Eljay as an insider.
Terton Terton runs a Legimate Establishment, a place where patrons can purchase bioholic drinks. He serves a mean Greshotta. Due to a sequence of unfortunate events he has gotten tangled up in the whole mess of everything. He speaks with a cockney accent.
Original characters These below are characters who belong to nobody.
A Plot Device lookalike A Matoran who looked like Plot Device (Although obviously with a different but unknown name) was run over by Kahi. The Lawsuit was said to have costed 3000 widgets.
PATSY PATSY is the unfortunately named machine tasked with serving his superiors and the running of Rixal Towers systems. His name is an acronym but it is unknown what it stands for.


The objects are not specifically characters, but they are important enough to be listed somewhere.

Character Description
H.A.T. The Alien artifact came crashing to the ground as a meteor, and looks suspiciously like a hat. It is a supercomputer that can affect reality.
Car axle The Car axle is Redeyes' weapon of choice. It is very heavy and damaging.
Steering wheel The Steering wheel is Yelloweyes' weapon of choice. It can cut through Shaydak Imps rather easily.
Spanner The Spanner is Greeneyes' weapon of choice. It is sort of heavy and can be used as a bludgeoning weapon.
Umbrella The Umbrella is Blueeyes' weapon of choice. It can be used like a sword and a sheild.
Shotgun The Shotgun is a weapon used by some Shaydak Imps. Amusingly, they are fired backwards and the shot propels the gun itself into the target.


  • The Kale Matoran were originally going to speak in Wingdings, but the public overruled it.
  • Some GIFs were inspired by a certain unique web comic toaster1 likes which is based on video game commands requested by the readers. They involve fake videogame battles.

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