SK Inn


Author(s) : Superkid11, Toa Jetice
Current Season : One
Medium : Chimoru, Flash artwork, Razor (old comics, flashbacks)
Island : The Comic Land
Main Enemies : Unknown
Number of Movies : Zero
Started On : February 16, 2011
Location : Various
Status : Active
Pronunciation : SK-in

SK Inn is a comic series by comic veteran Superkid11, and his first effort at comic making in over 4 years.


Main comicsEdit

The main comics in the series are SK's new works, which utilize a mix of Chimoru Omega sprites and Flash artwork (as well as the use of Razor in flashbacks).

Old comicsEdit

The 'old comics' section of the topic features comics from seasons 1 and 2 of SK's old series; these use the Razor kit. SK also updates some of these comics to make them funnier.


SK Inn is jointly a member of both The Comic Land Continuity and the International ComicContinuity, with events in the comics taking place officially in both continuities.


The comics were well-received upon release, and the topic quickly reached multiple pages within a couple of days after their release.

External LinksEdit

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