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Nid in 3.0 Form

SUPER 3.0 forms are those forms assumed by several of the main protagonists in Generic Quest after they absorb the positive energies of the Crystal of Eyefourgott. In these forms, they become three-story-tall titans composed of clones of their former bodies.

Other than the increased strength, speed, and stamina that come with the increase in size, the form gave the heroes no additional abilities (as, having absorbed part of the Eyefourgott's powers prior, they already possessed Shoop da Whoop as a natural ability).

However, one unusual advantage of the form is that upon transformation back to normal, the person gains momentary protection and/or invulnerability. It is unknown how this occurs, but the main theory is that a forcefield of protective energy forms around where the surface of the titan used to be after the person has shrunk back down. This was seen when the heroes reentered the Earth's atmosphere after fleeing the moon, as well as when Bionicle Dragon forced Super Nid 3.0 into a building (destroying the building). The gang was perfectly intact after landing on the Earth, and Nid emerged from the wreckage of the building relatively unscathed.

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