Satogo in Matoran form

Satogo is a character who has appeared in numerous works of both Takuma Nuva and Gerlicky. He is based off of user Satogo: Toa of Steelers of BZPower.


Takuma Nuva's MNOLG-style Comics

Assumably, Satogo's first appearance was in Takuma Nuva's first comic series, where he was working on a device powered by kraata. However, the kraata broke loose and infected another guest star, resulting in a chase scene that lasted for five panels. He later returned wearing an infected mask and three more guest stars were assigned to cure him. The last two botched the job and set him on fire, which pushed him into the water and mysteriously healed him along with the previously infected guest star. However, he took credit for the healing and was pushed into the water. Additionally, thanks to Tirvon, he recieved Mordax (who he called "Rexy") for his birthday, until a soldier of infection broke him loose.

That's Messed Up: The Series

Satogo eventually worked his way into the world of That's Messed Up, in which he was a hapless inventor who wound up destroying his own lab. Through mysterious circumstances, Satogo wound up in Karda-Nui and his color scheme changed to his current "Toa of Steelers" look. In this comic series, Satogo's ladies' man personality was put into place, and his famed introduction worked into Takuma Nuva's first comedy, which followed suit in "Toast Busters".

TNToran Revolution

Satogo was in the short-lived TNToran Revolution by Takuma Nuva. His most notable appearance was in the sixth comic, in which he shows that he absolutely hates the Jonas Brothers through a nightmare.

That's Messed Up: Creator's Wrath

Satogo's last appearance was in the sequel to TMUTS. Here, he had invented his own personal motorcycle called "the Satogo Bike", which was later revealed to be capable of driving on molten rock. He also went to Fort Garage with Gerlicky, Trevor and Salami and was tied to a chair by noobs. Additionally, he found the remains of Noobot after its defeat, rebuilt it and made it his assistant.

Personality and Appearance

Satogo originally wore an orange Miru and had gray feet, but somehow became obsessed with the Pittsburg Steelers and changed his color scheme to black and gold. The orange Miru was in Takuma Nuva's MNOLG-style Comics and That's Messed Up: The Series, but his appearance changed in the latter and remained that way ever since.

Satogo is an Onu-Matoran with an ego and a skill for inventing. In TMUTS, he revealed that he believed he was "Mata Nui's gift to Ga-Matoran and female Av-Matoran" though he doesn't gee much respect from the ladies. When TNToran Revolution was released, Satogo revealed he had an extreme dislike of the Jonas Brothers. This disliking was reflected in the series.