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This article is about the comic character Searon. You may be looking for the real person of the same name.



Species : Matoran/Toa
Comics : Disco Isn't Dead, Operation LOSER, Found
Kanohi : Avohkii
Colors : Green, silver
Element : Energy or something like that
Occupation : Just pretty much being a generally cool guy. In Found he plays a castaway. In Operation: LOSER he plays a native islander in charge of putting heads on pikes. In Disco Isn't Dead he did something on the disco radio station K93.5 Radio Station
Tools : Searon is armed with pure awesomeness and wit. In Found he had pikes which he put decapitated heads on.
Location : He lives anywhere he wants
Status : Quite dandy in a quaint little cottage
Pronunciation : SEAR-ON


The character Searon doesn't really have any history because quite frankly, he's far too cool for that. He first appeared in his friend Kortu's comic series Disco Isn't Dead as Kortu's rather mentally-retarded chat speak speaking friend. Later in the series, Searon's brother, Ronsie was introduced as was his "Great Uncle" Pete. In other series Searon has been portrayed as rather stupid, and other times he hasn't.

Physical Appearance

Searon sports sexy silver Nuva armor over his entirely green body. To top off his look he adds a silver Avohkii. He also has beautiful yellow eyes.

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