Species : Matoran or Toa
Comics : Various
Kanohi : Green Hau
Colors : Multiple
Element : Light
Occupation : Comic Author
Tools : Keyblade (Formerly)
Location : Unknown
Status : Unknown
Pronunciation : se-rah-shah

Serasha was the author of Serasha's Comics, and a character in several others.

In Serasha's Comics

Since she has deleted all the comics from her Brickshelf, there is no record of the events of this series, other than those written by Turaga Dlakii, her co-author.

In The Newsroom

Shortly after Dlakii was hired as her co-author, Serasha was introduced as a Permanent Guest Star in The Newsroom. She has never had any specific job at Channel Billion, although recently she worked on The Tomorrow Show, accidentally prompting the destruction of part of Channel Billion Studios at the hands of Red.

In Search of the Skies

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Other appearances

Serasha has made appearances in several comics, including The Rise and Fall of the Toa.

Powers and Tools

Serasha, being a being of Light, chooses to manipulate the power of colour. She wields Rainbow Venom, apparently liquid colour.

At some stage or another, she had a Keyblade, as per the Kingdom Hearts series. However, this was apparently lost before Search of the Skies.

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