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Shadix's Comics


Author(s) : Shadix
Current Season : One
Medium : Xanramoru
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : Tamyr
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : December 30, 2009
Location : Shadix's Home
Status : Active
Pronunciation : N/A

Shadix's Comics is a comic series written by the BZPower member Shadix. It was one of the first series to make use of Jakiro's Xanramoru Kit. It has gained a fairly large following, which has been attributed to its frequent updates and almost daily comics.


Shadix's Comics was the first comic series started by Shadix, and is currently his most successful. It averages one comic every day, which has kept posting rates up. It was once advertised as growing faster than Dark709's topic. However, this does not take into account the fact that there have been no new comics from Dark709 at the time. This source of advertisement was later removed by Shadix.

There are also plans to make a website for the comics, because Shadix is taking a Web Design course at his college. A design of the site can be found here.



The comics tend to revolve around life in Shadix's studio, with conflicts commonly revolving around Evo, Tamyr and Shadix's Nintendo64. There are also word game comics, where there is a secret word that Shadix makes another perosn guess. There have been four of these (Telluris, Depar, Ardros and Less) plus a fan one by Ardros (Octagons).


Occasionally, Shadix posts a comic saga. These sagas are typically short, with the longest being the eight-comic "Surprise" saga.

Evo on Rampage (One)

The fist Evo on Rampage saga began with Evo getting hungry for souls, and escaping Shadix's studio. He begins to eat everyone in sight, at which time the other characters assemble to fight him. At first, they are unable to stop him. However, Less is eventually able to defeat him with a Cupcakanoka of light.

Evo on Rampage (Two)

The second Evo on Rampage saga began when Evo asking Shadix to let him eat peoples' souls, because he hasn't fed in a while. When Shadix refuses, Evo escapes again, at which point the cast goes to arms and pursues him. Unfortunately, they were not able to catch him at first. Less later saves the day again by baiting a trap with steak and having Puddles maul Evo. This saga has not yet ended.

Age of Differences

The Age of Differences saga tells of some of the characters' pasts.


Raptor reflects on the time when he was hired to kill the President of Hydraxion, which he accomplished by shooting him from the top of a buidling. After thinking about this, he remarks to Shadix that he has a fairly normal life.


Evo reflects on his past as Teknio, a guard for the governor. One day, a soul eater attempted to eat his soul, but Teknio managed to kill him. However, a link was formed between the two, causing Evo to become a soul eater. Coincidentally, on the same day, Less was set to give him a tour of Shadix's Comic Studio. The guards attacked Evo, but he managed to destroy all of them. Then, Less showed up and disowned Teknio, now Evo, even though Evo begged him not to. Less and Evo battle, with Less gaining the upper hand and condemning Evo to a life in Shadix's Comics.

Makutox and Tamyr

This saga began with Tamyr sending her henchman to make a deal with Makutox to destroy the comics, which he accepted. They attack the studio, and Makutox appeared, where he was attacked by Shadix, Less and Kayana. They were defeated, but not before Makutox revealed that he could be killed by a Protomite bullet. Depar orders some of these bullets online, and was informed that they would be delivered in 21 days. The henchman arrived to fight, but Less also joined the fight and quickly subdued him. Raptor then managed to delay Makutox with a kinetic rifle.

The battle remaind at an uneasy standoff until the bullets finally arrived. Just as the cast was about to mount their attack, however, the henchman arrives with the mob, who quickly overwhelmed Shadix. Meanwhile, Jakiro and Kayana attacked Makutox, who ghosted through the bullets. However, Raptor uses the impact rifle to un-ghost Makutox, and fires the bullet at him, ending the battle.


This saga began when a Guest Star in the comics turned out to be one of the henchman, who attacked Shadix, and was defeated by Evo. However, he was able to deliver a message. He informed the characters that all income to the comics had been cut off. Shadix decided to keep the henchman hostage, but Tamyr payed off his ransom of 200 dollars.

In order to keep the studio open, the cast worked to come up with ideas to raise money. Shadix ran a lemonade stand. Evo created a pay-to-play arcade, luring customers in with Shadix's Nintendo64. Jakiro and Kayana held a talent show. Finally, Less attempted to sell cupcakes, but failed. These efforts brought in some cash, but then a news report aired stating that a reporter will go undercover and investiagte the loss of the comics' funds.

The reporter first interviewed the henchman, who denied everything. The report then said that the comics didn't pay, and they turned away Guest Stars, and that the comics had failed. The reporter then interviewed the cast, but twisted their words around to make them look bad. During a break, Chesire arrived, using a projector to show the henchman saying that the income was cut off, as well exposing the news as helpers in the crime. Tamyr then showed up, destroying the camera, and threatening to destroy them. However, a GS, Powercore, also arrives, and scares Tamyr and her cronies into abandoning their plot.


The characters of Shadix's Comics are split into three groups: PGSes, IPGSes, and original characters (which there are now several of, despite the comics's claim of having a cast made of real people.


The normal Permanent Guest Stars.

Character Description
Shadix Shadix is the maker of the comics, and he typically has to keep the peace. He also is the only one who can truly keep Evo under control. He runs all Guest Star comics and decides who gets to PGS and IPGS. He wishes for porofessional and sane comics.
Jakiro One of the sanest PGSes, Jakiro believed that he should have author powers, due do his being the maker of the Xanramoru Kit. However, Shadix defeated him in a battle, and he conceded defeat. He has a cat-demon form that can be accessed by Shadix. After the second Evo on Rampage saga, he became a cat permanently.
Evo/Teknio A soul-eater, Evo is always causing some form of mayhem. Only scared by Raptor, Evo's favorite victims are Depar and the Henchman, though he has expressed interest in Tamyr and will eat almost anyone's soul. He has gone on rampage twice, being defeated by Less both times. Recently, he has split into two beings after drinking a smoothie made by Thylon: Evo and Excorcist, or Exco. Exco is carefree and kind, and only communicates through signs. When a demon is present, he becomes the Excorcist. He gains the ability to remove the demon's soul, and talk.
Depar (All American Pork) Depar is obsessed with guns and weapons. He is Evo's favorite victim. He also enjoys the Awesome Face. He appears to be somewhat obsessed with weapons and firepower, knowing of and owning a great variety. He was banished from his village after causing a "small" public disruption.
Kayana (A27) Kayana, one of three female characters and the only female full PGS, seems peaceful but actually is very handy with a gun and often is seen helping Depar attack Evo.
Less Less is a cupcake-loving PGS. He can't cook, has a huge crush on Kayana and often utilizes "Cupcakanokas" (cupcakes with Kanoka powers) in battles. He owns Mr. Puddles. Once, a comic was made comparing him to Bob, who mistook him for a Keebler cookie.
Lord of the Firax and Firax Raptorrev, or Raptor, is a Matoran that drives a giant robot. Eventually, he was killed by Evo and resurrected as Lord of the Firax. As Raptorrev, he hates water, and is very quiet, often seen reading. As Lord of the Firax, he's more outgoing, and is the commander of a Firax. The Firax is totally obedient, and constantly fights with the Octagons and Ardros because it has a soft spot for them - specifically, their taste.


IPGSes, or Intermittent Permanent Guest Stars, are a cross between a guest star and an permanent guest star. The idea originated in Shadix's Comics, although they are similar to The Creator's HIGWCI's. Shadix has said this about the idea:

"IPGS- Intermittent Permanent Guest Star. In other words, you are a PGS for a short time. You won't be in as many comics as the actual PGSs, but you still will be featured more then just a GS. The IPGS system was invented and first used on in the Shadix's Comics series, and has been also used in Altron's comics [and bcucu's 107.6 NOOB radio]. Every couple of months, a new IPGS is placed and one is taken away. As of April 20th, it was of random. As of June 1st, when the next rotation is, it will not be." The April 20th rotation was won by Thylon, the June 1st rotation was won by Ardros and the August 10th rotation was won by Bcucu.

Character Description
Tamyr Tamyr, the second female character, is Shadix's sister. She was once the main bad guy, though she hasn't appeared since the end of the Surprise saga.
Bcucu Bcucu is a reaper killer. Not much else is known about him, as he has not appeared in any comics. He replaced Telluris on the August 10th (originally July 29th) rotation.
Chesire Chesire, the final female character, is a quiet Matoran with a special power: drawing. Chesire can draw anything and it will become real. She has rather low self-esteem when it comes to drawing.
Thylon Thylon is the newest IPGS and another reaper. He doesn't really like Evo, however, claiming that he is more unique. He seems kinder than Evo. Due to his limited appearance, so far, it is hard to tell his personality. He became a character after winning the random April 22, 2010 rotation, replacing Makutox.
Ardros and his Octagons Ardros, a former GS, is an intelligent Matoran that commands an army of undead Octagons. He also has a habit of obsessing over and naming the randomest things. The octagons act almost childlike when not on duty, being generally curious and endearing. He is also very conceited, invading comics just to get an appearance. He became a character in the June 1, 2010 rotation, having the most creative personality (but only slightly more so than Bcucu). He replaced Raptor in the IPGS list, and Raptor moved to normal PGS.

Original Characters

There are four original characters in Shadix's Comics.

Character Description
Tamyr's Henchman Tamyr's henchman is a red Matoran. He doesn't do much other than deliver Tamyr's threats and serve as a punching bag for Evo.
Mr. Puddles Less's dog, Mr. Puddles is obsessed with steak. Unlike most obsessed characters, however, he is violent with his obsession, attacking anyone who says "steak".
Astrid A female cat owned by Shadix, Astrid can talk. In her mind, she has special powers. She craves fish and fights often with Mr. Puddles.
Tamyr's mob Tamyr's mob is a group of fans dressed like Tamyr that go into a mob and trample things.

Former characters

Characters that have been removed from the series, either in IPGS rotations or by other means.

Character Description
Makutox (Heliox)

Makutox was a reaper (class C, according to a GS, Bcucu) that mentored Evo. He was powerful and invincible to everything except kinetic blasts and protomite bullets (which he could ghost through). Makutox was replaced by Thylon on April 22, 2010 in a random drawing. He was an IPGS.

Telluris (Argaraffe) Telluris is the most paranoid character. This first shined through when he was able to find the worst-case scenario for using weed poison, a flamethrower, and a hoe to kill weeds. He is paranoid to the point that he finds a spoon dangerous. However, he isn't afraid that Evo will harm him. He was replaced by Bcucu on August 10th, 2010, after rejecting his personality and joining the XRM-hate group. He was an IPGS

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