Species : Quintopotent Matoran
Comics : Shadonix's Comics (author), Heads and Tails (author), Four Heroes, One Destiny (founder), Universetrapped (founder)
Kanohi : Avohkii
Colors : Black, Light Gray, Dark Gray and Silver. (Occasionally red or dark red.)
Element : Shadow (Also controls Fire, Ice, Light and Electricity)
Occupation : Comic Maker
Tools : Zanpaku-To
Location : His studio
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Sha-DAWN-icks

Shadonix is the central character and author of Shadonix's Comics. He also started Heads and Tails, Four Heroes, One Destiny and the upcoming Universetrapped

BZP Information

Shadonix joined BZP on July 18th, 2008. Due to an account error, he was unable to create topics, send or recieve PMs, add friends, or comment on userpages, Shadonix did almost nothing for a year and a half. In 2010, his account freed up, allowing him access to all sorts of things he was previously unable to do. To celebrate this, he started a comic series. His current username is Karkat Vantas.

Sometime in 2010, he created Chimoru Sigma, another annoying Chimoru update meant to be compatible with Justax-Kal's Chimoru Kal, even though Sigma was released first. It has recieved generally good reception for each element having its own individual body armor.

The Comic Character


Shadonix is usually calm and level headed, occassionally going a tad insane, i.e. when someone with "Toa" in their name turns out not to be a Toa. He is very smart, but sometimes doesn't utilize his brain to its full potential.


Shadonix is a renegade Shadow Matoran who discovered the art of Matoran Potency, allowing Matoran to utilize elemental and mask powers. Shadonix then took this even further and discovered polypotency, or the ability to utilize multiple elemental powers. Shadonix is currently a master of quintopotency (utilizing five elemental powers) with Shadow, Light, Fire, Ice and Electricity. Shadonix is best friends with Rayku, Hanahlii and Orka.

Heads and Tails

In Heads and Tails, Shadonix discovered a bag of Toa stones and became a Toa of Shadow. He then discovered the supertoa ability to create explosions by snapping his fingers. He goes by the alias "Snapdragon."


Shadonix's Zanpaku-to is called Nankai na Kyojin, meaning "Arcane Colossus." It is a melee-type Zanpaku-to and is designed to do extra damage to beings of shadow. The Bankai's name is Kingyosou to Nankai na Kyojin, meaning "Snapdragon and Arcane Colossus." (This is a reference to Heads and Tails.) The Bankai grants Shadonix a gunmetal-colored armor which makes him stronger, faster, and more endurant. It is not known what else the Bankai does.

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