The Shadow Rahkshi were a mass-produced subspecies of Rahkshi which acted as the mainstay of Makuta Teridax's army in The Unknown Turaga.


All Shadow Rahkshi were identical, possessing a uniform black and red colour scheme and orange eyes. They also shared one uniform power, that of darkness. Shadow Rahkshi, being mass-produced and disposable, were very rarely possessed of any form of high-level intelligence.


After his defeat and supposed death at the hands of Toa Takanuva, Makuta Teridax split into two entities. One, which was basically the real Teridax, took the form of antidermis and was later taken to Voya Nui by the Piraka. A second entity subsequently formed from traces of antidermis and Teridax's shattered Makuta armour, spawning an inferior clone of Teridax.

This clone of Teridax, though powerful and able to recreate other creatures, was much more temperamental than the real Teridax; out of anger, he sent a Bahrag clone to attack Turaga Dlakii, accidentally resulting in Dlakii travelling to Metru Nui via Mata Nui to tell Toa Takanuva that he had failed to kill Teridax, unintentionally recruting a fellowship of skilled warriors on the way. The inferior Teridax clone took this as a sign of Dlakii attempting to kill him, and so sought a means of creating an army cheaply. The fruit of his work was the Shadow Rahkshi.

Teridax first utilised the Shadow Rahkshi when he drew Dlakii's group into a coliseum of his creation, resulting in mass casualties and the weakening of Teridax. Teridax continued to create Shadow Rahkshi, assigning vast armies of the creatures to the command of his handpicked lieutenants - Morkuva, Muntauce, Lyrrahk and Noir. Each of these (sans Noir) failed in battle and died, with their Shadow Rahkshi charges dying with them.

It can be assumed that, in the battle of Mangaia, the Shadow Rahkshi was rendered extinct; these events are to be seen in The Unknown Turaga: Ultimatum at Mangaia.

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