Shadow Reapers and Soul Eaters are two species of beings.


These two races were created by the great beings after Matoran, the shadow reapers, second in power only to the great beings, they were used to bring Matoran into death when it was their time, while the soul eaters, by-products of the shadow reapers, only exist to eat souls.


After being created the shadow reapers made a rank system based on levels and elements. If you were a reaper of shadow and got past level 10 you would change to a reaper of infinity level 1. Soul eaters copied this rank system and added a new way to gain ranks- causing deaths. This made it impossible for soul eaters to become infinity elementals.


Wider known members

The only two widely known of these two races are:

  • Makutox, Reaper leader of infinity
  • Evo The Reaper, Soul Eater of Shadow level 10 (Part matoran)

Lesser known members

  • Alpha Shadix, Shadow reaper of acid level 3
  • Khsakraa, Shadow Reaper of energy level 9
  • Matar, Former reaper leader of infinity
  • Scinos, Shadow reaper of electricity level 1
  • Thylon, Shadow reaper of unknown level and element (possibly fire)
  • Von, Hybrid of Fire level 5

Deceased members

  • Unnamed Soul Eater from Age of Differences Saga (Shadixs Comics) was slain during a soul eating link, thus transferring his energies to the former Teknio, now Evo.
  • Hapori Tohu (in OctoStudios), the Reaper Lord and BZP server. He was slain by orange octagons, but not before killing Emperor Noobatine.

Featured In

Soul Eating Process

According to Age of Differences Saga, on Shadixs Comics, the soul eating process is a complex subject. To start the process, you much have a target. Then, using your Soul Eater powers, you can create a bond between you and your target. You can access each others' memories, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. But as a Soul Eater, you can extract the soul of your target during that link. If the Soul Eater gets slain during that link, all their energies are transferred to the target to which they are connected with. In addition, it is known that there is a type of octagon, green, that protects its master's soul from all harm, including being eaten.

Thylon, a reaper, is blocked from eating a soul by a green octagon.


Soul Eaters, Shadow Reapers, and Hybrids are mainly Humanoid, with execptions being some who had changed their body for functionality; they are almost all near Matoran in height and can easily disguise themselves as Matoran, Shadow Reapers were created with the Dementor-like ability to feed on emotions, but they can only do this to emotions etched onto the soul after death, while Soul Eaters, hence their name; eat souls to keep themselves alive, Hybrids however do not do either of these, they ironically eat everything but emotions and souls.

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