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— Shelek Holmes
Shelek Holmes


Species : Po-Matoran
Comics : VakamaTK's Comics
Kanohi : Shelek
Colors : Brown, Tan
Element : Stone
Occupation : Detective
Tools : N/A
Location : Unknown
Status : Mantax-kicked into Oblivion
Pronunciation : SHEE-lick HOMES

Background Information

Shelek Holmes is a detective. Nobody hires him; he just barges in and attempts to solve supposed "crimes". It is unknown how long he has been doing this. One day, he was using his GPS to get to Ta-Koro and solve a mystery, but he did not know Ta-Koro had sunk. The GPS proceeded to tell him to go into what was at that time just plain lava, so he did. Right before he landed in the searing lava, he was saved by Tiribomba, who he hired as his assistant after that, nicknaming him "Bomb". His interrogations usually end in him yelling "SILENCE!"


The Murder of VakamaTK

Shelek invited himself in, spread out the caution tape and safety cones, chose suspects that were in fact the least likely to have commited this so called crime, and got to work. The suspects were Hero100, the false Takanuva of Twilight, Dr. Bob, Blade Titan974, Nuri, and Glablob. After interrogating all of the prisoners, Shelek found that VakamaTK's body had disappeared, meaning one thing: The killer wanted to remove the evidence. What Shelek did not know was that there was no killer. VakamaTK had been knocked unconscious, and had been sitting there ever since. While Shelek was away doing his interrogation, VakamaTK woke up and walked off. Shelek searched the surrounding area hysterically, frantically trying to find VakamaTK's "dead" body and the supposed killer. Eventually, however, he found Lesovikk cradling a wounded Sarda, and, due to the fact that Sarda wears a Great Huna like VakamaTK, arrested Lesovikk.

The Stolen Ignika

Later on in the comics, Shelek appeared once again, this time confronting Mantax about the "stolen" Ignika. However, as Mantax is the Bionicle Chuck Norris, Shelek badly underestimated his power and was Mantax-kicked into oblivion.

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