The Shoop-Da-Dimension is a realm which was first revealed in Nuparurocks` Comics. It houses those who have been Shoop Da Whooped.


The Shoop-Da-Dimension appears like a Matrix-like world, with letters substituting for numbers. It apparently has no gravity as it's occupants are seen floating around. It has breathable air which can direct sound waves.


The Shoop-Da-Dimension was first discovered by Monstercalvin, who was teleported there when he was Shoop Da Whooped by Nuparurocks.

However, Nuparurocks and Lord Zahaki were later teleported to the Shoop-Da-Dimension when a giant Shoop Da Whoop from Nuparurocks television teleported them there.


The only known inhabitant currently residing there is Monstercalvin. Former occupants, Nuparurocks and Toaster, have escaped by getting Shoop-Da-Whooped.

It is unknown if anyone had accessed the Shoop-Da-Dimension earlier or if there are any natural inhabitants.

Dimensional Travel

The only known portal to the Shoop-Da-Dimension is to be Shoop Da Whooped. It has been theorized that the energy from the Shoop Da Whoop is similar to a Transdimensional Portal and that it's energy pattern point those who have been hit to the Shoop-Da-Dimension. It is also theorized that inanimate objects can be teleported this way as well, though it has not been proven. It is also known that not all those who are Shoop Da Whooped are teleported; this is probably due to the cause that some Shoop Da Whoops do not have enough energy to teleport someone there.

A Shoop Da Whoop from someone in the Shoop-Da-Dimension will also teleport the target back to the dimension it originally came from. This is probably because of the reverse effects of Shoop Da Whooping in the Shoop-Da-Dimension, as the Shoop Da Whoop will redirect the previous energy pattern of the target to it's original dimension.

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