The Shoop Da Whoop Brothers, aka the Shoop Da Whoop Bros., are a pair of Da-Matoran brothers, Lygi and Zaro, from Terra Nui.


Lygi and Zaro


The Shoop Da Whoop Brothers, Lygi and Zaro, were two powerful warriors of Terra Nui for a thousand years. Their arch enemy, the Tahtorak King, then ended their guard over Terra Nui by giving them a virus that warped their minds into thinking they were insurance salesmen. He then sent them on a dimensional voyage so that they would not return to Terra Nui. This other dimension happened to be the one in which Live, Learn and Lawsuits resided, at that time having only Kahinuva residing. Lygi tried a sales pitch on him, but after Kahinuva refused, he tried to Shoop Da Whoop him. Kahinuva then dodged him via his Kanohi Calix, causing Lygi to miss and smash out part of the wall where Philbert Flakes and Ozuan were waiting. Kahinuva threw Lygi to the floor, but was then ambushed by Zaro, who tried the same thing. Kahinuva backflipped in midair and then broke the Fourth Wall. This caused some dimensional rift that froze both Zaro and Lygi. They were later almost incinerated when Kahinuva turned into Kahinova.

Abilities and Traits

The Shoop Da Whoop Bros. can draw energy from the Shoop-Da-Dimension to Shoop Da Whoop. Their Toa Power allows them to control Shoops in different ways, such as wide blasts, teleportation blasts, incineration blasts, and can even make a Shoop out of a different type of energy, such as fire or water. They also have individual traits seen below.


The stronger of the two, Zaro, previously a Da-Matoran, is now a Toa of Shoops. He wears the Kanohi Shoopda, the Mask of Shoopness, shaped as a Hau Nuva. Zaro is able to increase his body density at will.


The more agile of the two, Lygi, previously a Da-Matoran, is now the Toa of Whoops. He wears the Kanohi Whoopda, the Mask of Whoopness, shaped as a Miru Nuva. Lygi can also float under his own power.


  • The Shoop Da Whoop Bros. were a parody of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the Super Mario Bros..
  • They were originally supposed to be in a video game under the name Shoop Da Whoop Brawl, and might actually be so in the future.
  • Zaro was originally named "Zaryo", but it was shortened.
  • Kahinuva has thought of doing a spinoff series about Zaro and Lygi, parodying thr Mario games. It is unknown whether he will use Bioniplush or Xaniskit for this new series.

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