Species : Vahki
Comics : VakamaTK's Comics
Kanohi : Shoop da Whoop face
Colors : Red, grey; Black, grey
Element : N/A
Occupation : Prototype designed to battle Teridax; Comic Land Law Enforcement Squad
Tools : Kanoka, laser
Location : The Comic Land
Status : Unknown
Pronunciation : Shoop-dak

The Shoopdakh is a Vahki designed by Nuparu in Comic 19.5 of VakamaTK's Comics.


The Shoopdahk's purpose was to fight Teridax and his armies who recently took over the BIONICLE world. We have seen a prototype as well as a working squad of Shoopdakh. The Prototype was based on a Vahki Nuurahk, while the working ones were based on Rorzakh. Interestingly, the Shoopdakh are capable of speaking unlike regular Vahki who talk in noises unknown to most beings.


The Prototype Shoopdakh is capable of firing its Kanoka disk saying "I'MMA FIRIN' MAH KANOKAH!!!" and then proceeded to blast a powerful Shoop da Whoop laser, though with a delay. The official squad is capable of firing a devastating blast along with Kanoka in their sheer velocity.


Shoopdakh in action.


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