Silvahk are the current minions of Storm Lasher479 led by Battle Arachnoid.


The Silvahk were originally created by PurPal as the third and last prototypes of robots for the Army of Darkness. They worked perfectly, except when hit, the prototype Silvahk implode. After this failure, the AoD simply changed to Golden Rahkshi.

Later, Storm stole the plans and improved them with minds and emotions, and without the bugs from the originals.

Storm has used them for numerous things, mostly to attack Blade Titan974. The current line of Silvahks have red eyes, staffs, and use jetpacks for speedy transportation.

Silvahk units are often characterized as silly, however they aren't as "pathetic as the AoD's Gold Rahkshi".


Silvahk Unit S0000.5

Silvahk S0000.5, aka SU-S0000.5, was the prototype unit for the current line of Silvahks. He was made to perfection but had a glitch in his thinking processor.

Silvahk Commander S0001

Silvahk S0001, aka SC-S0001, is the commander of the Silvahk and answers only to Battle Arachnoid and Storm. He is characterized by his blue eyes and ability to teleport. This Silvahk is rather aggressive and has quite an attitude.

Silvahk Democratic Representative S555

Silvahk S555, aka SDR-555 or Napolean, is the representative of Storm to Blade at certain times. Unlike most Silvahk, he has a french accent and is apparently much smarter then most Silvahk.


"Have you seen my duck anywhere?"
— S0000.5
— S0001
"Kuum weeth me, an ve vill deescus da terms uv pameent."
— Napolean


  • The Silvahk were created by Gavla
  • The Silvahk are based on BA's Halloween costume.
  • Napolean was created by Kahinuva and was used in his two Co-Author Application Comics.

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