Sir Evil's Droids


Species : Energy Manifestations/Technology
Comics : Generic Quest
Kanohi : None
Colors : Gray, black
Element : Energy absorption
Occupation : Militants
Tools : Long-range artillery weapons (often equipped with silencers), flight capabilities, telepathic communication with Sir Evil
Location : N/A
Status : Destroyed
Pronunciation : N/A

Sir Evil's droids is an unofficial term used to refer to the army of droids commanded by Sir Evil. They were alluded to all thoughout season one of Generic Quest, but not actually shown on-screen until the finale thereof.

Plot summary

It is unknown how the droids came into being. They are believed to have been built by Sir Evil personally, but some theorize that they are manifestations of his energies. While they may have been in existence from as early as the Martian Winter, their first appearance in the storyline was in the attack of the Last Brigade's base on the Moon, in which they captured the Brigade's chosen Earth-heroes and killed Blavinoid Marcalium. Since then, they have been involved in various other events in support of their creator.

While the heretofore unnamed seal-breeding Last Brigade member and The Spirit Guide battled Malvadon on the Moon, the droids came to his aid. Upon Sir Evil's command to proceed with an invasion of Earth, some droids were able to enter the atmosphere, but were shot down by the United States Air Force before they could land. In their attempt to enter the atmosphere, they were able to feed off of Malvadon's remaining Eyefourgott energies and channel them into a heat shield of some sort. As the battle wore on, all but "a dozen or so" (in the words of Blavinoid) remained on the Moon, losing the battle against the Martians. When the Moon was finally torn from the gravitational field of Earth into that of Mars, these remaining droids were thrown into the Sun. As of the end of season one, all the droids have been destroyed.


Though never expressly stated in the comics, it can be inferred that the droids have the ability to absorb energy (but not release it in raw form; a mechanism, such as heat shield, must be in place to harness it). They can also fly using rocket propulsion and communicate telepathically with Sir Evil. Additionally, the bipedal models almost always carry a firearm.


While the model depicted above is most common, a few other variations have been depicted thusfar.

A droid resembling a television screen with legs was seen spying on the heroes, then relaying their coordinates back to Sir Evil. Later on, a droid of similar purpose but resembling a security camera was planted inside a memorial statue of Blavinoid, transmitting the information regarding Dokuma's recovery of the Eyefourgott directly to Malvadon's cerebral cortex.

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