Genre : Comedy
Started/Maintained By : iPenguin,Oni, Varderan, Arbiter
Current Season : One
Location/Setting : Various
Main Enemies : None
Starting Date : October 19, 2009
Sprite Kit : Matoran Project 5
Status : Dead

Small was an MAS created by iPenguin and co-authored by Oni, Varderan and Arbiter.


After iPenguin buys a faulty shrinking machine on eBay, he brags about it in front of three other authors: Oni, Varderan and -Arbiter-. The other authors have their doubts about the machine, but iPenguin is determined that it will work. He accidentally turns it on, causing all of the authors to be shrunken to the size of an ant. The other authors are angry about this, but before they can force their hatred on iPenguin, Oni alerts them to the presence of a dog.

The dog appears as a seemingly friendly and not quite-as-big-as-we-thought smiling thing on a colorful background. In the next comic, it seems that the dog is Oni, which iPenguin is more afriad of.


Small is the first MAS on BZPower to be using sprites from Razor's Matoran Project 5 and is the only current-running comic series to use it. It was an escape from "The RZ Cliche", as stated by iPenguin.

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