Species : Matoran
Comics : Timely Insanity,Snickers
Kanohi : Pink Kaukau combined with a Vahi
Colors : Pink/Orange/Light Blue (Sometimes)
Element : Time, Love
Occupation : Comic Maker
Tools : None
Location : Her house
Status : Active
Pronunciation : Snick-ER

Snicker, also known as Haley786, is Vahi786's sister, and has recently opened her own series Haley786's Comics. She appears in Philipnova798's Comic Factory The Movie- Attack of Dr. Madness as the voice for May and Hahli.

Series-Specific Information

Timely Insanity

She plays a main role is Timely Insanity, one of the only two characters who have lasted from Season 1 up until its current date. (The other being Vahi). In this series she is part-evil, part-insane, but sometimes kind. (Mainly to the Guest Stars). In this series, she also loves to torture her two brothers, Fulton and Vahi, and is the comic character Nahi's best friend.

Nuparurocks` Comics

Snicker and her brother appeared in Nuparurocks` Comics: Season BETA in 2009. They play the role of the brother sister comic team.

Smaller PGS appearences

Snicker is also a PGS in Chane's epics: "Chane's Comics" "Chane's Comics 2" and "Chanes RZ and Xan Comics" (Using RZMIK and Xaniskit). She plays the role of Vahi's younger sister (as always). Snicker was also taken as a PGS in Chath's Studio, and Gavla's Comics.


As stated above, (Timely Insanity), she is part insane and evil, but part kind. She has quite a zany mind, and loves to torture certain people. (Usually, her two brothers). She usually loves Guest Stars, except for evil ones. She hates practically any evil person besides Da Arbiter, as she claims, "for being more evil than her".


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