Poster v2

Author(s) : Snicker
Current Season : 2
Medium : Chimoru, Rayg 2.0
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : None
Number of Movies : None
Started On : September 7, 2009
Location : Vahi's House
Status : Unknown
Pronunciation : N/A

Snickers is a comic series authored by Snicker.

Humor and ThemesEdit

The humor mostly revolves around Snicker's evil/insane personality. Annoying siblings are also used for humor in this series, as well as the Noobicorn as of late.


Season OneEdit

Season 1 was known as Haley786's Comics. She started the topic in mid 2009, and instantly got views and posts. She had many positive reviews, but many saying they where too random. This problem was also noticed by Haley herself. She intends to fix that in V-2.

One reason that Snickers became popular very quickly, was the fact that she is the sister of Vahi786, who is a known, and pretty popular, comic maker.

Season TwoEdit

This season of the comics has not been released yet. The only information about it known currently is the name is Snickers V-2, the sprite kit was Xaniskit 2.0, and the randomness used in the first season will be fixed (for the most part). It ended with 7 comics, and was basically marked as a failure, after being re-posted twice. The status of the series is currently unknown.


  • Snickers, can be considered a spin-off of Timely Insanity.
  • Season One racked up 190 replies by the end.
  • Season Two was posted twice, ending with seven comics, and was marked as failure by Snicker the author.
  • It is unknown if a Season 3 will ever exist.

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