So Ein Mist

Genre : Comedy
Written By : Sybre
Current Season : Not started yet.
Location/Setting : Delva-Nui
Main Enemies : None
Starting Date : Unknown
Medium : RZMIK
Status : In production.

So Ein Mist, or Blast It in English, is a comic series soon to be written by Sybre as soon as SybreNetX begins to draw to a close. It is about a trio of friends living in Sybre's roomy home. They are Sybre, Trevor (or Dementos), and Lamia.

What's Gonna Happen So FarEdit

At the dawn of So Ein Mist, Sybre introduces everyone and that junk. Then he tells his friends that they're going to Brayn Friiz, the nearby ice cream shop. There, they find Konado from the previous series (SybreNetX) ordering a banana split. But unfortunately for the cashier, Konado made preparing the split the most difficult thing in the world, such as telling the cashier which order the scoops of ice cream should go in and which color of sprinkles can touch which scoop. The frustrated cashier then used his Galick Gun, possibly killing Konado.

And so the wackiness begins.


  • So Ein Mist is Blast It in German. Sybre chose a German translation because his mom's side of the family is mostly part German.
  • Brayn Friiz is a fictional ripoff of Cold Stone or the Austrailian Cold Rock.
  • So Ein Mist was supposed to be called something else, but the translation forced Sybre to use the current title.
  • Lamia's species is based off a vampiric monster of the same name.
  • Dementos is Sybre's friend in real life.

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